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All grand accomplishments start small, including Dallas, now the second largest city in the state. Although just a pioneer trading post along the banks of the Trinity River in 1841, Dallas grew quickly, attracting the railroad along with big business like banking, insurance, and oil. Early Dallasites could never imagine, however, the vibrant thriving city of today. The Dallas skyline shelters some of the best cultural sites in the country, including the world-class Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center and the Crow Collection of Asian Art. Dallas has also preserved some of the best of its past. Historic buildings like the Majestic Theater, a Renaissance Revival design built in 1921, the Adolphus Hotel, a restored 1912 Beaux-Arts hotel, and the fateful School Book Depository join a list of downtown heritage sites, all anchored by the 1891 Romanesque courthouse, restored courtesy of Dallas citizens and the Texas Historical Commission’s Courthouse Preservation Program.

Dallas boasts a state cultural district designated by the Texas Commission on the Arts. Explore all they have to offer on your next visit!

Watch the following video to learn more about Dallas's historic downtown. This video was produced for inclusion in the Town Square Walk Around mobile tour.