Adolphus Hotel

Lakes Trail Region
1321 Commerce Street Dallas, TX 75202 (214) 742-8200


St. Louis brewery magnate Adolphus Busch contributed both his influence and money to the prestigious rise of downtown Dallas during the opening decades of the 20th century. Busch received a request from Dallas businessmen to build a luxury hotel that replicated the splendor of accommodations more familiar to guests visiting the international cities in Europe. Busch’s response? He purchased land for the new hotel then held an investment party, convincing various attending Dallas businessmen to acquire ten percent in the new hotel’s stock, thus financing the hotel’s construction with their money. On October 6, 1912, the luxurious Adolphus Hotel opened its doors to dazzle guests with opulent sculptural panels in bas relief, alabaster fixtures, silk and velvet draperies, period furnishings from Paris, and classic paintings from Busch’s own art collection. The exterior, embellished with scroll brackets, bronze grillwork, and classical statuary, reflected the French Renaissance and Baroque elements characteristic of the École de Beaux-Arts in Paris, the grand architectural school of Europe at the time. Today, the Adolphus represents the most outstanding example of Beaux-Arts architecture in the state. Its stature has earned it a listing as both a State and National Landmark. Best yet, guests may still check in and luxuriate in its renovated and restored opulence today.

Adolphus Hotel

1321 Commerce Street Dallas, TX 75202


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