Toyland Farm & Military Museum

Forest Trail Region
3123 CR 2407 Route 3, Box 110 Rusk, TX 75785 (936) 858-3514

Toy-size cattle are breed on the farm, specializing in raising miniature High-Dex cattle, a Highland & Dexter crossbreed cow. High-Dex is a cross between Highland and Dexter cattle and are about 36 inches tall. In addition, Jan’s Toyland Farm has been raising and showing miniature horses since 1993 and has done well in the show ring, having been registered in both AMHA and AMHR. The mini horses can be handled by both adults and children and are trained to perform in the show ring, pull carts, be ridden, go to parades, civic events, and even birthday parties. They are very people friendly and love to help the children eat the cake and ice cream.

Also on site is the Toyland Combat Vehicles, which provides military vehicles, weapons systems, military props, and authentically uniformed military reenactors to the motion picture industry.

Toyland Farm & Military Museum

3123 CR 2407 Route 3, Box 110 Rusk, TX 75785


Call for information.

Jan: 936-858-3514

Tom: 713-502-4377


By appointment only.