Pizzitola's Bar B Cue

Independence Trail Region
1703 Shepherd Drive Houston, Texas 77007 (713) 227-2283

Pizzitola's Bar B Cue has its origins in 1935 with John and Leila Davis' restaurant Shepherd Drive BBQ. John and Leila were an African American couple who turned the tables on Jim Crow by only serving African American customers inside. White customers knew to visit the back door to get their food.

Jerry Pizzitola was a frequent visitor to Shepherd Drive BBQ and became the owner in 1985 to help preserve the business. Current owner Willie Madden still operates Pizzitola's Bar B Cue the old-fashioned way.

Pizzitola's Bar B Cue was designated as a Texas Treasure Business in 2022.

Pizzitola's Bar B Cue

1703 Shepherd Drive Houston, Texas 77007