Donna Hooks Fletcher Museum

Tropical Trail Region
129 South 8th Street Donna, TX 78537 (956) 464-9989

In 1903, Thomas J. Hooks moved his family to the area because of the farming potential. Railroad entrepreneur Uriah Lott named the town after Hooks’ daughter. When Donna Hooks Fletcher divorced in 1908, she received land from her father, which she turned into a prosperous produce and dairy operation. Local history is honored at her namesake facility — Donna Hooks Fletcher Museum. Artifacts include the town’s first telephone, a bar supposedly used in the 1914 Blue Goose Saloon and household appliances, including an ice box, clothes wringer wash tub and butter churn. Prominently displayed is the Bible that Donna Hooks Fletcher held in one hand, while the other hand held a pistol, during the tense 1910s when Mexican revolutionaries raided across the nearby Rio Grande.

Donna Hooks Fletcher Museum

129 South 8th Street Donna, TX 78537