Don Pedrito Jaramillo Shrine

Tropical Trail Region
1936 FM 1418 Falfurrias, TX 78355 (361) 325-2907


Imagine a time in early Texas history when routine injuries and infections were life threatening. Before the advent of modern medical practices, Texans looked to the natural world for help in maintaining their health and well-being. Native plants were a primary source for these palliative solutions and the administration of cures were occasionally performed by early Texans called curanderos. One of our most recognized curanderos, Don Pedrito Jaramillo, was known throughout Texas as the "Healer of Los Olmos." He came to Texas in 1881 after his mother died, residing on the Los Olmos Ranch near the soon-to-be-established town of Falfurrias. Pedrito's use of natural infusions and emetics resolved many of the symptoms, if not the cause, of ailments suffered by South Texans and as a result his services remained in demand until his death in 1907. Today, Don Pedrito's resting place serves as a shrine dedicated to his good works. Visitors often leave flowers, prayers, photos, and candles to honor his service and petition blessings. Nearby, an exhibit exploring the life and legend of Don Pedrito is featured in the Falfurrias Heritage Museum.

Don Pedrito Jaramillo Shrine

1936 FM 1418 Falfurrias, TX 78355




Daily 10 a.m.-5 p.m.