The Undertold Histories of Texas Mexican Schools (Part 1)

How Marfa's Hispanic Community Reclaimed Their History

Pictured: Exterior of old building in 1978.
Credit: De Teel Patterson Tiller via Portal to Texas History

What are "Mexican Schools"?

Blackwell School students pledging to the American flag on the schoolyard. Year unknown.
Credit: The Blackwell School Alliance

From Mexicanos to Tejanos

"Governor Allan Shivers said today it would 'take years to comply with the U.S. Supreme Court's decision outlawing racial segregation in the public schools.'"
Credit: Austin American-Statesman, May 17, 1954.

The Blackwell School

The Past is Exhumed

A teacher recalls "conning [their] seventh graders" into performing Mr. Spanish's last rites.
Credit: Blackwell School Alliance, circa 1954

The Power of Remembering

Blackwell School National Historic Site today.
Credit: David Larson, National Park Service Photographer

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About the Authors

“My family experienced segregation as Latinos living in mid 20th-century Texas, but this history is often forgotten. Learning about Mexican schools was an important way to understand the lived experiences of my relatives.”

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