The Undertold Histories of Texas Mexican Schools (Part 2)

Exploring What Remains of the Mina Ward School

Interacting with Memory Spaces

Algae reading through the Undertold Marker for the Mina Ward School.

About the School

Delgado v. Bastrop ISD

Lauren snapping a few pictures of Minerva Delgado Park.

Mina Ward Today

Local Resource

At the Museum & Visitor Center of the Bastrop County Historical Society, guests can request a special pamphlet with more history on Mina Ward.

Recommended Day Trip: Mina Ward

Guided Conversation Activity

The authors sat under a shady mesquite tree in Minerva Delgado Park, eating brisket sandwiches from Southside Market & Barbeque. They discussed their differing educational upbringings and university experiences.

Our Experience Visiting Mina Ward

The authors pose in the shade.

In their words: Algae's Connection to Mina Ward

My mother was never punished for speaking Spanish, as that was the dominate language in her classroom, but my father has said that was a threat he experienced in American schools.

Algae's testimony

In their words: Lauren's Connection to Mina Ward

The teachers did not know how to teach Spanish-speaking children, and they were often made to sit in the corner, coloring while other children learned.

Lauren's testimony

Lessons Learned from Mina Ward

Meet the authors