The Undertold Histories of Texas Mexican Schools (Part 2)

Exploring What Remains of the Mina Ward School

Credit: Algae Guzman.

Interacting with Memory Spaces

Algae reading through the Undertold Marker for the Mina Ward School.
Credit: Lauren Huffmaster

About the School

Delgado v. Bastrop ISD

Lauren snapping a few pictures of Minerva Delgado Park.
Credit: Algae Guzman

Mina Ward Today

Local Resource

At the Museum & Visitor Center of the Bastrop County Historical Society, guests can request a special pamphlet with more history on Mina Ward.

Recommended Day Trip: Mina Ward

Guided Conversation Activity

The authors sat under a shady mesquite tree in Minerva Delgado Park, eating brisket sandwiches from Southside Market & Barbeque. They discussed their differing educational upbringings and university experiences.
Credit: Algae Guzman

Our Experience Visiting Mina Ward

The authors pose in the shade.
Credit: Algae Guzman

In their words: Algae's Connection to Mina Ward

My mother was never punished for speaking Spanish, as that was the dominate language in her classroom, but my father has said that was a threat he experienced in American schools.

Algae's testimony

In their words: Lauren's Connection to Mina Ward

The teachers did not know how to teach Spanish-speaking children, and they were often made to sit in the corner, coloring while other children learned.

Lauren's testimony

Lessons Learned from Mina Ward

Meet the authors