Hispanic Heritage Month Banquet - San Angelo

September 16, 2024

Forts Trail Region
501 Rio Concho Drive San Angelo, TX 76903 (325) 340-3363

Tickets go on sale June 6th at sanangelohispanicheritage.org

Join us for an unforgettable evening at the 2024 Hispanic Heritage Month Banquet, a pivotal event in our quest to establish the first Hispanic Heritage Museum in West Texas. This extraordinary fundraiser, held during Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15th to October 15th, is a vibrant celebration of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Hispanic community, which has been instrumental in weaving the dynamic fabric of our society.

San Angelo is a city built on the foundation of cultural diversity, with our Hispanic community playing a crucial role in our cultural, social, and economic development. In recognizing and celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, we underscore our dedication to fostering an inclusive and united community that honors its diverse roots and histories.

This year, following the resounding success of last year's banquet at the McNease Convention Center, we are excited to present a program that promises to be even more engaging and inspiring. The banquet will feature captivating cultural entertainment and powerful insights from influential speakers, celebrating the enduring legacies of Hispanic leaders who have made significant contributions to our community.

We are honored to announce Dr. Jose M. Hernandez as our keynote speaker for the evening. Hernandez's remarkable journey from the fields of California to the vast expanse of space as a NASA astronaut embodies the spirit of perseverance, ambition, and dedication that we aim to celebrate. His story, from a migrant farm worker to an engineer and astronaut, and now as the President and CEO of Tierra Luna Engineering, LLC, is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the incredible potential within our Hispanic community. His life story was recently featured in the biographical drama “A million miles away” released by Amazon Prime in September 2013.

During the banquet, we will also pay tribute to local heroes with the presentation of three prestigious awards: the Angela de la Garza Dewitt Legend Award, the Captain Albert Tijerina Jr. Award, and the Eva Camunez Tucker Service Award. These awards recognize individuals who have made exceptional contributions to our community, demonstrated unwavering commitment and leadership, and exhibited a tireless dedication to volunteering, respectively.

Your participation in this year's banquet not only honors the past and present contributions of our Hispanic community but also supports the creation of a museum that will educate, inspire, and celebrate the rich heritage and achievements of Hispanic Americans for generations to come.

Let us come together to make the 2024 Hispanic Heritage Month Banquet a milestone event in the establishment of the Hispanic Heritage Museum in West Texas, and a joyous celebration of the culture, traditions, and achievements that shape our vibrant community. Your support and presence at this event will play a vital role in bringing our shared vision to life.

Hispanic Heritage Month Banquet - San Angelo

501 Rio Concho Drive San Angelo, TX 76903