Zilker Botanical Garden

Hill Country Trail Region
2220 Barton Springs Austin, TX 78746 (512) 477-8672

Zilker Botanical Garden — located on 30 acres in Austin, Texas has often been called “the jewel in the heart of Austin”. Herb and rose gardens are interconnected with streams, waterfalls and Koi-filled ponds, granting residents quiet respite from the surrounding city. The Hartman Prehistoric Garden recreates local dinosaur habitat, providing Austin school children an interactive and outdoor learning facility.

The Zilker Botanical Gardens also include a Japanese Tea Garden, which first opened to the public in 1969. Mr. Isamu Taniguchi—a Japanese emigre who was held at an enemy alien internment camp in Crystal City during World War II—built the gardens as a gift to the City of Austin and as a lasting monument to peace.

Watch the following video to learn more about Mr. Isamu Taniguchi and the Japanese Tea Garden's construction. This video was produced for inclusion in the World War II on the Texas Home Front mobile tour found in our Texas Time Travel mobile tours app.


Zilker Botanical Garden

2220 Barton Springs Austin, TX 78746