Wolf Creek Heritage Museum

Plains Trail Region
13310 Highway 305 Lipscomb, TX 79056 (806) 852-2123


The town of Lipscomb has never hosted a large population of citizens. But what it lacks in numbers, Lipscomb makes up for in history. Established in the mid-1880s in Wolf Creek Valley, Lipscomb served as cattle country, home to the Alamo Saloon (until 1908 when the county went “dry”), farming, ranching, and coal prospecting country, and county seat, a position it continues to hold today.

Lipscomb’s Wolf Creek Heritage Museum lays it out for heritage travelers, exploring the significance of early settlement throughout the Lipscomb County region. In addition to artifacts and interpretive exhibits exploring Lipscomb’s past, the museum sponsors art exhibits featuring the region’s contemporary artists, helping to tell today’s Lipscomb story.

Wolf Creek Heritage Museum

13310 Highway 305 Lipscomb, TX 79056