The Widower's Townhouse

Independence Trail Region

This property is featured in Historic Overnights: Galveston. The current owners have worked closely with Texas Historical Commission staff to research the history of this home and its original owners.

To a time-traveler from the late 19th century, the Angerhoffer house, would look slightly different from the original front-gable, side hall townhouse that was built in 1870. Historic records cite repairs that occurred in 1894, 1900, 1907, and 1921. During that time, the house boasted six rooms, one bathroom, two halls, four closets, a kitchen pantry and three porches, a wood cistern, woodshed, outdoor privy and fencing. Later, sometime before 1964, the house was divided into a duplex. Despite the changes to the structure, the home's stories remain intact, having borne witness to no small amount of comings and goings, and even its fair share of tragedy...

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The Widower's Townhouse


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