Shumla Foundation

Pecos Trail Region
28 Langtry Street Comstock, TX 78837 (432) 292-4848

Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center is a non-profit organization working to preserve the oldest “books” in North America — the narrative murals of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands.

Over 4,000 years ago, the ancient inhabitants of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands painted their sophisticated myths and beliefs onto the limestone canyon walls. In 1998, artist-turned-archaeologist Dr. Carolyn Boyd, who recognized the incredible value of this ancient art, founded an organization to preserve, study and share this important cultural record. Since then, Shumla has been a center of archaeological research, heritage preservation, community outreach and education for students of all ages.

Half and full-day treks to the rock shelters of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands are offered to the public September through November. On these trips, guides will share the latest discoveries and explain how modern science is helping to understand the complex worldview and fantastically rich culture of the people who created these masterworks. Space is limited and reservations are required.

Shumla Foundation

28 Langtry Street Comstock, TX 78837


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