Weikel's Store and Bakery

Independence Trail Region
2247 West, State Hwy 71 La Grange, Texas 78945 (979) 968-9413

The legacy of Weikel's begins with the family's original business, the Bon Ton Cafe. Opened in 1929 by brothers Alvin and "Pop" Weikel, the cafe's unique blend of German heritage and French-inspired cooking led to it becoming "the spot" for locals, workers, and travelers in the early twentieth century.

Alvin's son, Jim, became involved in the business in 1969 and eventually turned the small café, which at the time was located half a block off of the historic square, into a bustling pit stop for travelers on State Hwy 71 between Austin and Houston. In 1985, Jim sold the restaurant, but soon after, he and his wife, Jo Ann, opened a convenience store with a food service twist, inspired by his father's business.

The vision was unique at the time: combine a bakery and a deli with a convenience store, providing a convenient one-stop shop for folks on the go. The Bon Ton Store & Bakery was born and was later renamed Weikel's Store and Bakery.

Today, the award-winning and well-known bakery had made a name for itself by providing authentic Czech baked goods, like their famous kolaches, which were adapted from a unique recipe that traveled with Jo Ann's grandmother, Annie Kulhanek, when she migrated from Czechoslovakia as a young child. From the name to the food, every aspect of Weikel's bakery is truly a family affair.

Weikel's Store and Bakery

2247 West, State Hwy 71 La Grange, Texas 78945