Plains Trail Region
8471 FM 285 Wayside, TX (Armstrong County), TX 79094 (806) 764-3458

The unincorporated community of Wayside, in Armstrong County, has long served as the point of entry for numerous group camps located on the south rim of Palo Duro Canyon.

But before that it was a vibrant community with its own schools and stores and church, a stopover for freighters hauling goods across the Plains, and a route of escape for Comanche bands fleeing Col. Ranald Mackenzie's pursuit during the Red River War of 1874-75. Today a Quanah Parker Trail arrow marker rises from the earth beside the Wayside Community Church. Read the history of Wayside and its settlers in The Rim to Rim Road: Will Hamblen and the Crossing of Texas' Palo Duro Canyon.

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October 2014 (history presentation and dedication of Quanah Parker Trail marker)


8471 FM 285 Wayside, TX (Armstrong County), TX 79094


There are no regularly open public facilities in Wayside.