U.S. Post Office, Pampa

Plains Trail Region
120 E. Foster St. Pampa, TX 79065 (806) 665-4260

Pampa's 1934 downtown post office, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, is one of only three of this size in Texas still occupied by the US Postal Service.

An excellent example of the Spanish Rennaissance Revival style in an institutional settting, the building is a showcase of federallly funded Depression-era architecture. The massive stone exterior surfaces are carefully crafted and detailed, and the structure contains a magnificent interior with even more complex and sophisticated detail. The building's elegant design, distinctive iron work, and carefully preserved original features make it worth a visit during public hours.

The building is one of the most ornate, stylish, and expensive post office structures ever erected in the Texas Panhandle. When the U.S. Postal Service decided to erect a new building in Pampa in the early 1930s, several factors coincided to determine the type of construction and size of the facility. The last 1920s oil boom generated a tremendous volume of mail, and Pampa moved from a third-class to a first-class post office in little more than two years. The need for a new postal facility in Pampa coincided with the rapid expansion of federal public works programs to stimulate economic recovery and provide work for the unemployed. The result of this combination of circumstances is a truly outstanding building.

Although no longer accessible to the public, the basement once housed Pampa's Civil Service Commission and many recruiting offices as well as the office of former Texas State Representative Bob Price.

U.S. Post Office, Pampa

120 E. Foster St. Pampa, TX 79065