Trinity Church and Community Center

Independence Trail Region
1985 FM 155 New Bielau, TX 78962 (979) 263-5923

Gottfried Gerstenberger came from nearby Industry to what in the 1860s was called “Prairie Community”, followed by his parents and brother. He renamed the new community New Bielau after Langenbielau, Germany. Six families formed the nucleus of Trinity Church in 1886, constructing a building two years later. Its 425-pound church bell, which dates to 1896, still rings in the steeple today.

In 1916, a casino hall society was formed in New Bielau, and today the New Bielau Community Center hosts weddings, reunions, and other events. New Bielau is closely associated with the communities of Weimar and Content, with whom it shares a school district.

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Trinity Church and Community Center

1985 FM 155 New Bielau, TX 78962


This is an active church, please be respectful of services.