Texas Through Time Museum

Lakes Trail Region

Texas Through Time is a paleontology & fossil museum located in downtown Hillsboro, TX that
specializes in fossils from Texas & surrounding states. The museum comprehensive collection of
hundreds of authentic fossils on display such as dinosaurs, prehistoric reptiles, amphibians, sharks, ammonites, mammals and petrified wood as well as animatronic dinosaurs, fossil replicas on display.

Texas Through Time has special exhibits and many public events throughout the year including fossil prep
classes, guided fossil hunts, an annual haunted house, free outdoor dino movie nights, a fossil and mineral expo, and more.

They are a 501c3 nonprofit who’s mission is “To bring together a comprehensive collection of Texas fossils for the purpose of engaging and educating the general public.

Through meaningful educational experiences we hope to stimulate appreciation for Texas’ unique fossil record.”

Texas Through Time Museum

Visitor Instructions

It is located downtown in the historic Grimes Garage