Texas Polka Music Museum

Independence Trail Region
625 N Main St. Schulenburg, TX 78956 (979) 743-4752

The Czechs claim to have invented polka music; their word pulka means “half-step,” matching the 2/4 time characteristic of the style. But the Polish also take credit for polka, claiming Czechs adopted the style only after seeing a Polish girl performing it. Whichever story is true, in the mid-1800s, European immigrants to Texas brought with them their brand of polka – the accordion leading German and Czech polkas, and the fiddle leading Polish polkas. The German vereins – or associations – became the preservers of polka music, which is still played in the dance halls around the state.

Besides serving as a listing for polka DJs and bands, the Texas Polka Music Museum features exhibits of the instruments, bands, photos, and costumes that make up polka’s rollicking history in Texas.

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Texas Polka Music Museum

625 N Main St. Schulenburg, TX 78956




Thursday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.