Teo Chew Temple

Independence Trail Region
10599 Turtlewood Ct. Houston, TX 77072 (281) 983-0097

Teo Chew Temple is a colorful and welcoming, but secluded temple surrounded by suburban development, Teo Chew transports visitors to Vietnam via statues and traditional architecture. Inside, guests are greeted by fragrant incense rising to an ornamental red ceiling with suspended lanterns. Stations with deities are accompanied by tables filled with temple members’ offerings of fresh fruit and flickering candles.

The excerpt above is from an article entitled "Discover Asia in Houston" from The Medallion, the Texas Historical Commission's official quarterly magazine.

Please note that appropriate clothing is necessary when entering the temple. This means no shorts or tank tops for men and modest dresses or pants for women.

Teo Chew Temple

10599 Turtlewood Ct. Houston, TX 77072