Stringfellow Orchards

Independence Trail Region
7902 Hwy 6 Hitchcock, TX Tx 409-256-3822 or 409-256-2552

Stringfellow Orchards is located in Hitchcock, on the mainland of Galveston County, along Highway 6. Pioneer horticulturalist Henry Martyn Stringfellow established the thirty-acre orchard in 1883 and completed his home there the following year. The 1.5-story house is an example of vernacular Victorian residential architecture with Queen Anne form and spindlework detailing. Just over nine acres of the original property remains intact and is covered in lush vegetation, some of which is likely vestiges of the nineteenth century horticultural activities. Also on the property are a large wood barn which dates from the period of significance and two smaller storage sheds erected in the 1940s.


Stringfellow Orchards

7902 Hwy 6 Hitchcock, TX Tx




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