Stonehenge II

Hill Country Trail Region
120 Point Theatre Road S Ingram, TX 78025 (830) 367-5121

Amarillo may have its famed Cadillac Ranch, but the Hill Country has created its own piece of roadside whimsey. Stonehenge II, an homage to the ancient stone monoliths on Salisbury Plain in England, was the brainchild of the late Al Shepperd — and built with his neighbor, Doug Hill, who got the ball rolling when he gave Shepperd a hunk of limestone left over from a patio project. Shepperd had seen photographs of the original Stonehenge and decided to create his own smaller version. The monument resided on Shepperd’s property in nearby Hunt for some 20 years, eventually flanked by two copies of the famous “heads” found on Easter Island. After Shepperd died and his land was sold, the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram got to work, raising tens of thousands of dollars to move the “stones” and the “heads” to the Foundation’s campus, and reassemble and secure them to the ground.

Stonehenge II

120 Point Theatre Road S Ingram, TX 78025




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