Sterne Fountain

Forest Trail Region
N. Market and W. Lafayette Sts Jefferson, TX 75657 (903) 665-3733

At the intersection of Lafayette and Market streets is the bronze Sterne fountain, graced by a statue of the goddess Hebe who pours water in three levels— for horses, people, and dogs.

Settling in Jefferson prior to the Civil War, Jacob and Ernestine Sterne became prominent leaders of the community. They managed the town's post office and their involvement in civic and cultural activities reflected the their interest in the development of Jefferson. In 1913 the Sternes' children gave this fountain to the city in honor of their parents. It was designed for use by people and animals and was cast by the J. L.. Mott Foundry of New York. The work of Guiseppe Moretti, it features a statue of Hebe, the Greek Goddess of Youth.

Sterne Fountain

N. Market and W. Lafayette Sts Jefferson, TX 75657