St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church

Lakes Trail Region
424 Main St. Lindsay, TX 76250 (940) 668-7609

Founded and promoted in 1892 by land speculators Anton and August Flusche, Lindsay is an example of a German settlement that came about because of railroad expansion. Many of the first settlers were Catholic, and they quickly began meeting in Flusche’s home for worship. Before long, the pious settlers built a small church building – the foundation of Saint Peter Catholic Church. A larger church building was constructed in 1903, but was destroyed by a tornado in 1917. Incredibly, despite the rest of the building having crumbled around them, the apse, altar, and steeple were all left intact, and parishioners pitched in to rebuild Saint Peter by the autumn of 1918.

Although most are located in Central Texas, in 1983 St. Peter's received designation on the National Register of Historic Places as one of Texas' famous painted churches.

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church

424 Main St. Lindsay, TX 76250

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