St. Michael’s Church

Independence Trail Region
103 E North St. Weimar, TX 78962 (979) 725-8461

Towns like Weimar represent the third wave of German immigration to Texas. Founded in 1873, Weimar saw its populations shift as a result of the expanding railroad, which brought scores of Czech and German immigrants to town. Many of these newcomers were Catholic. In 1888, a mission was built in Weimar – dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel – and in 1892 it received a resident priest. St. Michael’s is the work of Leo M. J. Dielmann, a native of San Antonio who became the leading designer of Catholic churches in Texas in the early 20th century after studying their construction and design back in Germany. St. Michael’s simple wood-frame building was replaced by an imposing Gothic revival sanctuary in 1913 – reflecting the Czech and German heritage of many of its parishioners.

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St. Michael’s Church

103 E North St. Weimar, TX 78962


This is an active church. Please be respectful of services.