St. Mary's Catholic Church

Independence Trail Region
821 Farm to Market Road 1295 Flatonia, TX 78941 (361) 596-4674

Praha is a small community located on FM 1295. This Czech community is one that is known from coast to coast due to the notariety of its church: St. Mary's, Assumption of the Blessed Virigin Mary Catholic Church. Dedicated in 1895, St. Mary's is one of the famous Painted Churches of Texas and is visited by thousands each year. A granite monument to Praha's Nine rests in the churchyard, memorializing the nine Praha men who died on World War II battlefields. Given Praha's diminutive population, the loss of the nine men ranks Praha's per captia World War II losses higher than almost any other city in America. A ceremony is held on Memorial Day annually at St. Mary's.

St. Mary's Catholic Church

821 Farm to Market Road 1295 Flatonia, TX 78941




Daily. This is an active parish, please be respectful of services.