Sri Meenakshi Temple

Independence Trail Region
17130 McLean Rd Pearland, Texas 77584 (281) 489-0358

The Sri Meenakshi Temple, designed with the grand architecture typical of southern India, stands as a unique monument outside the country dedicated to the goddess of marriage, Meenakshi. Besides its religious significance, the temple offers a captivating opportunity to immerse oneself in Hindu culture. Imported granite from India was used to construct an exact replica of the Sree Meenakshi Temple in Madurai.

Within the temple complex, you will encounter 16 gods and goddesses, each honored with their own shrines. As you enter through the central courtyard under the tallest gopuram, you'll step into the Main Temple, housing shrines for Shiva, Meenakshi, Vishnu, and Lakshmi. Witness devotees presenting offerings of jewelry, fruit, or flowers, and take a moment to meditate, even if you are not a practitioner of the faith.

Beyond the temple walls, explore the Peacock Sanctuary to witness India's national bird. While the temple is open year-round, don't miss the opportunity to attend major events like the Chithirai Mahotsavam festival in April and Diwali in October.

Explore the diverse tastes of southern India by visiting the Visitor Center's cafeteria over the weekend. There, you can savor genuine vegetarian delicacies like samosas, tamarind rice, and masala dosa. To purchase any of these delicious dishes, you'll require tokens, which you can obtain at the Visitor Center. After enjoying your meal, take some time to peruse the library. Before leaving, make sure to visit the Carriage House, where you might catch a glimpse of the chariot used in the temple's annual celebrations.

Sri Meenakshi Temple

17130 McLean Rd Pearland, Texas 77584

Visitor Instructions

This is an active place of worship. Visitors must remove shoes and cover shoulders and knees before entering.