Sea Rim State Park

Forest Trail Region
19335 S Gulfway Drive Sabine Pass, TX 77655 (409) 971-2559

Opened in 1977, "sea rim" refers to the portion of the Gulf shoreline where marsh grasses meet the surf. These marshlands formed when silt from the Sabine River delta was carried down the beach by longshore currents. A unique environment, Sea Rim provides a valuable habitat for many wetland species.

Located along the Greater Texas Coastal Birding Trail, Sea Rim State Park serves as a rest stop for many species of migratory birds traveling the Central Flyway. Warblers, swallows, vireos, grosbeaks, buntings and flycatchers are only a few of the birds that visitors can expect to see. American alligator, mink, nutria, raccoon, rabbit, opossum, skunk, river otter and muskrat are some of the many animals found in the park. At dawn and dusk, bobcats and coyotes can sometimes be seen.

Activities include camping, wildlife observation, birding, beach combing, walking the Gambusia Nature Trail (a boardwalk through the marsh), canoeing, kayaking, beach swimming, fishing and public waterfowl hunting (in season). The park includes 5 miles of open beach.

Sea Rim State Park

19335 S Gulfway Drive Sabine Pass, TX 77655


Adult: $3,Child (Ages 12 Years and Under): Free


Open 7 days a week