Scotus College and Garza House

Tropical Trail Region
504 E. Santa Clara St. Hebbronville, TX 78361 (512) 527-3865

Next to the pink stone Our Lady of Guadalupe church at the northeast corner of Hebbronville Plaza is a notable example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. Completed in 1944 as Scotus College, the building is now part of the neighboring church and houses priests and students. Scotus College was a Roman Catholic seminary founded in 1926 by Franciscan priests who fled persecution in Mexico. Construction on the building began in 1940, but the order returned to Mexico before it was completed in 1944.

Across Hickory Avenue is Hebbronville’s oldest structure, the 1897 Garza house. Owned by the Hebbronville Museum Foundation and awaiting restoration, the building has housed several important families over the years, an order of nuns during the Mexican Revolution, and a teacher at the Spanish-language Colegio Altamirano.

Scotus College and Garza House

504 E. Santa Clara St. Hebbronville, TX 78361


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