Scholz Garten and Saengerrunde Hall

Hill Country Trail Region
1607 San Jacinto Blvd Austin, TX 78701 (512) 474-1958


Scholz’s is a traditional 19th century German biergarten in the heart of Austin. Biergartens were a social trend that swept across Germany in the 1800s. German families brought this tradition to Texas – to the delight of modern-day Texans and visitors. When August Scholz opened his Austin tavern and biergarten in 1866, the town’s German community found a taste of home. But many non-Germans hung out here as well, attracted to the family atmosphere you couldn’t find in any saloon. Sunday concerts at Scholz’s quickly became an Austin tradition. Beginning in 1908, when the Austin Saengerrunde singing society took over Scholz’s, families could bowl at the newly installed lanes next door. Not even Prohibition could stop Scholz’s. While other bars closed their doors, Scholz’s simply expanded its food menu and poured an alcohol-free draught they called “Bone Dry Beer.” It was a hit.

Scholz Garten today serves up plenty of beer, schnitzel, and gemütlichkeit to both locals and visitors. Austin Saengerrunde, still headquartered in Saengerrunde Hall next door to Scholz’s, was founded as a singing society and is the city’s oldest ethnic organization. The site of festive events throughout the year, Saengerrunde Hall remains a hub of German culture in Austin, and six-lane bowling alley is still in operation.

Scholz Garten and Saengerrunde Hall

1607 San Jacinto Blvd Austin, TX 78701