San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site

Independence Trail Region
15945 FM 1458 San Felipe, TX 77473 (979) 885-2181


At the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site, you’ll walk in the footsteps of colonists – including many Germans – who settled in San Felipe, the de facto capital of Stephen F. Austin’s colony in Mexico. The site preserves the location where Austin started his colony in 1823, distributed land grants to colonists, and where the provisional government for the Republic of Texas was located.

San Felipe de Austin is the site where Stephen F. Austin established his colony in 1823 initially bringing 297 families to Texas under a contract with the Mexican government. By the time of the Texas Revolution, it ranked second only to San Antonio as a commercial center. San Felipe served as the capital of the Texas provisional government (until the capital was moved to Washington-on-the-Brazos in 1836). In March of that year, the town was burned to prevent it from falling into the hands of the advancing Mexican Army.

Today, the site includes a museum exhibiting objects such as a field desk that belonged to Stephen F. Austin, an 1830s printing press, and many artifacts recovered during archeological excavations. In addition, custom murals and a variety of multimedia interactives help visitors learn more about the town’s history. Weekend programming often includes guest speakers/authors, hands-on programming for children and families and other interactive experiences. The historic site also includes memorial features such as a bronze statue of Stephen F. Austin, a commemorative obelisk, and a replica log cabin. There are also interpretive panels throughout the grounds to share stories of the townsite.


San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site

15945 FM 1458 San Felipe, TX 77473