A 130-mile recreational trail rolling over rural Northeast Texas

Lakes Trail Region

When completed the Northeast Texas Trail will be the longest Hike/Bike and Equestrian Trail in Texas and the 4th longest in the U.S.A.

NETT Coalition is the product of the commitment and partnership among local and statewide trail advocates, and county, state and federal government agencies. Over the course of a two-year effort, the NETT Coalition mission has been “re-cycling” an invaluable railbanked corridor into pedestrian, bicycle, and equestrian trails for moving people through the picturesque countryside of Northeast Texas. It traverses from Farmersville (East Dallas) through 19 rural towns and 7 counties to New Boston (West Texarkana) linking population centers, community facilities, work places, neighborhoods, schools, recreation areas, open space and cultural/historical areas. The NETT Coalition is committed to organizing the public and policy-makers to create a comprehensive system of trails, parks and protected natural areas as a vital component in the region’s economy and quality of life.

A 130-mile recreational trail rolling over rural Northeast Texas

Visitor Instructions

Farmersville is the Trailhead for the trail, visit the NETT website for other entry points and trail conditions.