Naranjo Museum of Natural History

Forest Trail Region
5104 S 1st St Lufkin, TX 75901 (936) 639-3466

The Naranjo Museum of Natural History aims to inspire and educate East Texas children while preserving the past. The very, very past. Students have the opportunity to discover natural history through a hands-on approach. With more than 56 exhibits for these children to explore and an onsite classroom for schools to utilize, the Museum will serve as a critical educational resource and the perfect place for children to discover, learn, and explore.

In addition to showcasing many dinosaur fossils, the Naranjo Museum sponsors trips and digging excursions. The educational exhibits explain the stages of an excavation, including plaster jacketing of the specimen.Of special note at the Naranjo Museum are five dinosaur eggs believed to be more than 68 million years old. Through the innovative use of medical technology at Woodland Heights Diagnostics Center, museum founder Dr. Neal Naranjo was able to produce clear scans of the embryos.

Naranjo Museum of Natural History

5104 S 1st St Lufkin, TX 75901


Children 3 and under are free

Children $5.00 ages 4 to 18

Adults $7.50


Open Monday through Saturday,10AM to 6PM

Sunday, 1PM to 6PM