Mt. Horeb Baptist Church

Hill Country Trail Region
593 Peyton Colony Rd. Blanco, TX 78606 (830) 833-4183

Established in 1874, the Mt. Horeb Baptist Church served the residents of Peyton Colony, a freedmen's community named after Peyton Roberts, a former slave and one of the first freedmen to settle in the area. The church's first minister was the Rev. Jack Burch, and its original log building doubled as a school. The current one-story, wooden structure demonstrates common features found in most Texas African American churches of that era, with twin towers that flank its entrance and tall, arched windows that run along its sides.

Watch the following video to learn more about Freedmen's Communities in Texas. This video was produced for inclusion in the African Americans in Texas mobile tour found in our Texas Time Travel Tours mobile app. For more information about the mobile tour and African American cultural heritage in Texas, visit the African American Heritage theme page at the following link:

Mt. Horeb Baptist Church

593 Peyton Colony Rd. Blanco, TX 78606


This is an active church, please be respectful of services.