McMahan Chapel

Forest Trail Region
Spur 35 off Hwy 21 San Augustine, TX 75972 (936) 275-2213

Just over the border from Louisiana stands McMahan Chapel, the oldest Protestant church with a continuous history in Texas. The chapel was formed as a Methodist class or society in September 1833; the present landmark Chapel was completed in 1949. All of the buildings housing the congregation during this 100-year period have occupied the same spot so that the grave of Rev. Fowler, the church's first pastor, would not be disturbed. Of special interest are the beautiful stained-glass windows which memorialize early Methodists. Rev. Fowler's massive marble headstone is behind the pulpit. The church grounds are located on 15 acres shaded by native East Texas trees. Spacious, well-kept grounds, the historic spring of water, tables and other modern conveniences greet visitors; all those who come from far and near to visit the "Birthplace of Methodism" in Texas.

McMahan Chapel

Spur 35 off Hwy 21 San Augustine, TX 75972




Daily, 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.