Marfa Lights Viewing Site

Mountain Trail Region
92521 US Hwy 67/90 Marfa, TX 79843 (432) 729-4772

Just east of Marfa lies another engaging attraction for visitors to the Davis Mountains area. The Marfa Lights confound thousands of people each year who flock to the site for a chance to see the elusive ethereal orbs suspended in the air with no apparent source. There are many theories about the unexplained phenomenon, from Apache Indian folklore to UFO sightings; however, a scientific explanation has yet to emerge. First documented in 1883, the lights’ explanations range from static electricity to swamp gas to St. Elmo’s fire or even flying saucers. Although it is elusive, many believe the truth is out there.

Marfa Lights Viewing Site

92521 US Hwy 67/90 Marfa, TX 79843