Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

Hill Country Trail Region
100 E. Ladybird Lane Johnson City, TX 78636 (830) 868-7128


The original birthplace of the 36th President of the United States, a board and batten dog-trot, had no modern conveniences and a bare dirt yard (kept “swept” in the rural fashion of the 19th century). Lyndon Baines Johnson took pride in the place and, once President, he arranged to have the humble abode reconstructed. Johnson utilized the same architectural style but made such great improvements that the home served as guest cottage for overflow company visiting the main house on the LBJ Ranch, the family residence known during Johnson’s Presidential tenure as the “Texas White House”. Today, the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park encompasses more than Johnson’s simple boyhood home and the family’s ranch house residence. The Historical Park provides a unique and personal perspective on LBJ, beginning with his ancestral heritage through his childhood, political career, retirement and death. To take it all in, heritage travelers can begin at the Visitors Center, located in nearby Johnson City, before traveling the fourteen miles to tour the LBJ Ranch. Here, the ranch’s own visitor center, boyhood home, the Johnson settlement and schoolhouse, and the Texas White House make for a full day of heritage discovery. The beautiful Johnson’s ranch house, home to Lyndon and Lady Bird, features LBJ’s office, the living room, and dining room as part of the house tour, a ranger-guided exploration of the interior. Nearby, LBJ resides in his final resting place, the Johnson Family cemetery.

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Boyhood Home was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1966.

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

100 E. Ladybird Lane Johnson City, TX 78636