Live Oak County Courthouse

Tropical Trail Region
301 Houston Street George West, Texas 78022 (361) 449-2733

The courthouse is the permanent home of the legendary Geronimo – an early 20th century longhorn who represents the hardy “lead steers” responsible for keeping herds from running off. The display is available 24/7 and features several interpretive panels which tell the story of how longhorns helped develop and define Texas. The courthouse comes alive inside and out one weekend each November during the annual George West Storyfest. For over 25 years, this festival features performances by award-winning storytellers, cowboy poetry, music, and the Texas State Liar's Contest.

For more on rancher George West and other notable figures from Live Oak County, visit the eclectic and informative Grace Armantrout Museum. The museum features a number of artifacts from the county’s history, hosts regular talks and workshops, and helps locals conduct genealogical research.

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Live Oak County Courthouse

301 Houston Street George West, Texas 78022