Liedertafel Hall

Independence Trail Region
776 Lux Road Sealy, TX 77474 (979) 885-3511

One of the easiest ways to recognize a German-Texan community was the presence of a singing society. The Liedertafel in Sealy served as a venue both for socializing and for maintaining German traditions. Sealy’s Liedertafel – which literally means “song table” and figuratively means “singing society” – was organized in the late 1890s and included some of the town’s original settlers.

In 1914, construction began on an eight-sided hall to serve as permanent home of the Liedertafel. The group continued to practice together and put on performances until the 1940s. Meanwhile, the hall was sometimes called “Fireman’s Hall,” as it was the site of the volunteer fire department’s annual “Fireman’s Frolic” event. The beautifully restored Liedertafel Hall is now operated by the City of Sealy.

Nearby, the work of German master builder Joachim Hintz is showcased at Peters Hall. Built in 1897 for the local shooting club, it is now used for private events.

Liedertafel Hall

776 Lux Road Sealy, TX 77474