Levi Jordan Plantation State Historic Site

Independence Trail Region
10510 FM 524 Brazoria, TX 77422 (979) 798-2202

Significant to the antebellum period of Texas history and the tumultuous era of Reconstruction, this site hosted a sizable plantation operation and two-story Greek Revival-style house.

Levi Jordan moved his family and enslaved workers to Texas to establish a sugar and cotton plantation on the San Bernard River in the 1840s. The site highlights the multiple perspectives and evolving relationships of those who lived and worked on the land during the 19th century.

Today, the Levi Jordan Plantation State Historic Site provides a unique opportunity to understand the evolving agricultural history of the South and the early African American experience in Texas.

Watch the following videos to learn more about reconstruction era tenant farming in Texas and archeological excavations conducted at the Levi Jordan Plantation. These videos were produced for inclusion in the African Americans in Texas mobile tour found in our Texas Time Travel Tours mobile app. For more information about the mobile tour and African American cultural heritage in Texas, visit the African American Heritage theme page at the following link: http://texastimetravel.com/travel-themes/main-african-american-heritage


Levi Jordan Plantation State Historic Site

10510 FM 524 Brazoria, TX 77422