King Ranch

Tropical Trail Region
2205 West Hwy 141 Kingsville, TX 78364-1090 (361) 592-8055


Captain Richard King (he earned his captain's title driving steamboats) created a legacy from the grasslands of Texas' Wild Horse Desert, the stretch of southern coastal plains between Kingsville, Raymondville, and parts west. His ranching dynasty, now 150 years in the making, remains one of the largest operating ranches in Texas at more than 800,000 acres. Today, Captain King—a consummate entrepreneur in his day—would be impressed with the industrious nature of modern King Ranch operatives. In addition to ranching, farming, publishing, hardware, and hunting, King Ranch efforts include nature stewardship and education. The King Ranch spearheads wildlife research, innovative ranch management techniques, habitat restoration, and conservation. Although still in private hands, the King encourages visitation through its touring program, taking visitors on guided tours of its heritage, including a visit to the museum and saddle shop, and offering nature tours of the ranch interior. See working wranglers and wildlife all in one afternoon!

The King Ranch was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1961.

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King Ranch

2205 West Hwy 141 Kingsville, TX 78364-1090