Kerr Arts and Cultural Center

Hill Country Trail Region
228 Earl Garrett Kerrville, TX 78028 (830) 895-2911


When local Kerrville artists decided to establish an arts and cultural center to provide a showcase for fellow artists and introduce cultural education to their community in 1995, they spent the first few years moving from one location to another. Finally, in 1999, they took over Kerrville’s old Post Office building, holding their first show in it less than a year later. The exhibition, called “Texas Furniture Makers Show” and featuring, not surprisingly, Texas furniture makers, has become an annual event and one of the best attended for the organization, now known as the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center. Today, the center consists of sixteen affiliated groups representing over 500 artists. The center maintains four distinct galleries where an annual schedule of changing exhibits feature local art and artists. Special annual events include a Youth Art Show, the Armadillo Art Trail, the Southwest Fine Art Gourd Show, and the fundraiser known as “The Chocolate Fantasy”, all providing this Hill Country community an opportunity to enjoy their own special version of fine art.

Kerr Arts and Cultural Center

228 Earl Garrett Kerrville, TX 78028