Kendalia Halle

Hill Country Trail Region
1135 FM 3351 North Kendalia, TX 78027 (210) 863-1100

Kendalia Halle, located 25 miles northeast of Boerne, may not be the most pristine example of a historic dance hall, but it retains the charm and appeal of a unique Hill Country structure. Surrounded by a bowling alley, barbershop and cotton gin, the hall hosted festive community gatherings, where couples glided across the dance floor while their children slept nearby. These days, the hall stands on a new concrete pier foundation, and the building retains much of its original red fir lumber, shipped by railroad from Oregon in the early 1900s. Once or twice a month, the hall springs back to life with energy provided by country bands and enthusiastic fans.

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Kendalia Halle

1135 FM 3351 North Kendalia, TX 78027


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