Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farm

Hill Country Trail Region
10621 Pioneer Farms Dr. Austin, TX 78754 (512) 837-1215

Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms demonstrates the rigors and joys of 19th century farm life. A walking tour includes village square stores, homes and three farms where reenactors tend crops, work animals and perform chores. The James Bell home and detached kitchen embodies a prosperous cotton grower’s life. The Frederick Jourdan cabin and outbuildings replicate an 1870s homestead. The Fredric Kreuger Farm reflects the simple life of 1860s German immigrants. Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms also features a Tonkawa Indian campsite.

Watch our From Oppression to Prosperity video to learn more about German Texan cultural heritage in Texas. This video was produced for inclusion in our German Texans mobile tour found in our Texas Time Travel Tours mobile app. Download the app for more videos and travel information:

Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farm

10621 Pioneer Farms Dr. Austin, TX 78754


Adults (Ages 13 and over): $8, Children (Ages 3 - 12): $6, Age 2 and under: Free

Call or see website for group rates.


Friday-Sunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.