Houston National Cemetery

Independence Trail Region
10410 Veterans Memorial Drive Houston, TX 77038 (281) 447-8686


The Houston National Cemetery was dedicated in 1965 and designed for the internment of the remains of military veterans and service members at no cost to the surviving families. At the time of construction it was called the Houston Veterans Administration Cemetery, considered the largest facility of its kind in the country. In 1973, it was rededicated as a national cemetery and is often compared to the national cemetery in Arlington. The somber Hemicycle, a horseshoe-shaped memorial on the 419-acre cemetery grounds, is key to funeral services taking place at the Houston National Cemetery. The semi-circle features a chapel and a bell tower that, at seventy-five feet, highlights the open courtyard where many outdoor ceremonies take place. The bell tower houses a carillon a musical instrument comprised of bells and typically played by foot pedals and a keyboard (although the cemetery’s carillon is fully automated). The Houston National Cemetery serves as final resting place for the remains of Medal of Honor recipients including Staff Sergeant Marcario Garcia, infantryman in Grosshau, Germany during World War ll, and Vietnam veteran First Sergeant David H. McNerney. The remains of one of the cemetery’s most ardent supporters, Congressman Albert Thomas who lobbied for the site’s national cemetery designation, are also buried here.

Houston National Cemetery

10410 Veterans Memorial Drive Houston, TX 77038




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