Hotel Garza

Plains Trail Region
302 East Main Post, TX 79356 (806) 495-3962

Take a stroll along the streets of Postand you’ll encounter considerable history in the buildings that line the sidewalks. You can even participate in a 1920s-style murder mystery game in one particularly historic location – the Hotel Garza. The Garza first opened in 1915, serving passengers stopping along the Santa Fe Railroad as well as salesmen calling on the local textile manufacturer, Postex Cotton Mills. After decades of use, the Garza received a complete renovation and restoration and now functions as a cozy bed and breakfast featuring eleven rooms and suites. Guests have access to a unique library, a patio garden area with a waterfall, kitchenettes, and a large dining room and sitting area. Guests may also participate in Garza’s special event – the murder mystery game. Billed as a participatory evening of camp drama, the thematic event employs the classic “whodunit” scenario mixed with a champagne reception, dining, live music, overnight accommodations, and prizes for the guest who solves the murder mystery.

Hotel Garza

302 East Main Post, TX 79356


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