Haby's Alsatian Bakery

Hill Country Trail Region
207 Old US Hwy 90 E. Castroville, Texas 78009 (830) 538-2118

Many buildings and businesses in the town of Castroville reflect the town's origins. Known as “The Little Alsace of Texas” Castroville was founded in 1844 by Henri Castro, for whom the town is named. The first European emigrant settlers in this area were mostly Catholic farmers from Alsace, a region of France, brought over to fulfill Castro’s contract to colonize vacant Texas Land. Calling themselves Alsatians, they were mostly of German decent, speaking a dialect of German.

In 1974, Sammy and Yvonne Tschirhart bought the bakery from
Stanley Haby, who had first opened the bakery in 1940. The Tschirharts remodeled it, and expanded the selection of bakery items, completing this major expansion in 1983, which
changed the architecture to the existing European Alsatian style.

Haby's Alsatian Bakery is now known for their large selection of pastries and sweet goods, including fresh doughnuts, honey buns, cinnamon rolls and more. They also offer a large selection of world breads as well: sandwich, wheat, rye, pumpernickel, pumpkin, and even tortillas and dinner rolls.

Haby's Alsatian Bakery

207 Old US Hwy 90 E. Castroville, Texas 78009