Gault Site

Brazos Trail Region
3433 FM 2843 Florence, TX 76527 (512) 232-4912


Early hunters and gatherers, prior to the first named culture in North America (Clovis) made a home in Texas 16,000-20,000 years ago. At least that’s what Texas anthropologists and archeologists who have explored and excavated the Brazos Trail Region location known as the Gault Site believe. And, it seems, the rest of the science community agrees. The Gault Site is considered one of the most important sites in the country for discoveries about the people that first arrived in the Americas. Although heavily looted by arrowhead collectors who disregarded the importance of a find’s exact location in the soil strata, the Gault Site has nevertheless revealed a number of exciting finds including intact deposits as old as 20,000 years, stones with incisions and engravings considered to be some of the oldest art in the Americas, a mammoth kill site, and over 2.6 million artifacts from at least 23 archaeological cultures. Gault Site research continues today and includes efforts to minimize any future looting and damage. You can see the site yourself on specially-guided tours sponsored by the Gault School of Archaeological Research. Visit the School’s website at for a schedule of events. Tours are also organized by the Bell County Museum in Belton and the Williamson Museum in Georgetown.

Gault Site

3433 FM 2843 Florence, TX 76527




Open to the public for guided tours only. Guided tours are organized by the GSAR (512-232-4912) , the Bell County Museum in Belton (254-933-5243), and the Williamson Museum in Georgetown (512-943-1670). $10/person fee for tours, Children (age 10 and down) free. Tours for school groups are also free.