Gault Site

Brazos Trail Region
3433 FM 2843 Florence, TX 76527 (512) 232-4912


The Gault Site is a gem of Texas history! Investigations at the Gault site have helped establish that people were in the Americas as early as 20,000 years ago, far longer than many archaeologists had believed. Working with a team of scientists from many different disciplines, Dr. Michael B. Collins’ work has helped establish the antiquity of human presence in Central Texas specifically, and in the Americas generally. While this advance in the archaeological understanding of the past is highly significant, GSAR recognizes that one of the real contributions that the Gault Site can make is in helping students follow a similar journey of learning. Gault Site research continues today and includes efforts to minimize any future looting and damage. You can see the site yourself on specially-guided tours sponsored by the Gault School of Archaeological Research. Visit the School’s website at for a schedule of events.

Gault Site

3433 FM 2843 Florence, TX 76527

Visitor Instructions

Register for Gault Site Tours: GSAR (512-938-2522), Bell County Museum (254-933-5243) OR Williamson County Museum (512-943-1670) OR




Open to the public for guided tours only. Guided tours are organized by:
GSAR (512-232-4912)
Bell County Museum in Belton (254-933-5243)
Williamson Museum in Georgetown (512-943-1670)

Tour Pricing:

Adults (13 and over): $20
Children (9-12 years old): $10
Children (8 and under): Free