Fort Croghan Museum & Grounds

Hill Country Trail Region
703 Buchanan Drive Burnet, TX 78611 (512) 756-8281

Established in 1849, Fort Croghan was the third of the first four forts established by the United States government to protect settlements from incursions by Native American tribes. From 1849 until its decommission in 1853 Fort Croghan was the home to Company C, 8th Infantry, U.S.A. (mounted) and eventually became the headquarters of the Second Dragoon Regiment. Today's Fort Croghan presents a representation of a frontier town. Visit the blacksmith's shop, the one room school house, the powder house or the stage coach stop. The museum offers a large collection of artifacts from in and around the Burnet County area, including many items from the Burnet County District Court dating back to 1875.

Fort Croghan Museum & Grounds

703 Buchanan Drive Burnet, TX 78611