Fort Boggy State Park

Brazos Trail Region
4994 Hwy 75 South Centerville, TX 75833 (903) 344-1116

Fort Boggy State Park takes its name from a palisaded fort that was constructed in this area to protect early settlers from livestock raids by nearby Native American groups. The land within the park was farmed by numerous families for almost a century, with some farms noted for their long tenure of African-American ownership. The property was consolidated and taken out of cultivation in the 1930s. After 60 years of lying fallow, this land along Boggy Creek has reclaimed much of the pristine beauty that characterized the region 150 years ago. Activities include swimming, fishing, hiking and mountain biking. There is a boat ramp and the lake (approximately 15 acres) is open to small boats, canoes, and kayaks.

Fort Boggy State Park

4994 Hwy 75 South Centerville, TX 75833


  • Adult: $3 Daily, Child 12 Years and Under: Free


Saturday-Sunday, 8 a.m.-sunset